The Mark of Zorzal.

(Or, Make Navarra Navarra Again!)

With Winemaker Xabi Sanz
in the House at Elmwood!

Tonight, 5:30 PM.
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To Rioja's northeast, near the storied city of Pamplona, sits an ancient winemaking zone that dates back to the second century B.C.: Navarra, Spain. 

Haven't heard of it? There's a reason! Despite being renowned as one of Spain's greatest wine zones for centuries (it thrived in concert with the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route it was located along), the 20th century ruined its hard-earned, multi-millennial reputation.

How? Well, the Spanish Civil War and the repressive Francoist regime that followed were a pretty solid 1-2 punch. But the finishing blow was the region's misguided effort to please the "global palate" in the 80's and 90's. Suddenly a region that had been famed since the Time of Togas was replanting to international grape varieties, and making Cabs and Chards that were as innocuous as they were devoid of place.

Enter the Sanz brothers. 

At the forefront of the movement to, if you will, Make Navarra Navarra Again, Los Hermanos Sanz work almost exclusively with old-vine fruit (over 100 years in some cases), farm organically, and make artisanal Navarran wines of place (instead of industrial wines of no-place!)

Tonight: come meet Xabi Sanz himself, and taste through a line-up of 6-7 of his Zorzal wines! Garnacha BlancaGracianoTempranilloGarnacha! Delight in his sexy-pants, single-vineyard cuvées, and marvel at how hand-made wines from 40-100 year-old, organically farmed bush vines can cost so little!

Winemaker brothers Xabi, Iñaki, and Mikel Sanz

The Mark of Zorzal.

The Artisanal Winemaking
Revolution of the Brothers Sanz.

(W/ Xabi Sanz in the house!)

Tonight, 3/29. 5:30 PM.

At College Avenue.
$10. ($5 for members.)
Reserve your spot here!

(Drop-ins welcome!)

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