Californian Soul

1) This is easily one of the most soulful Californian red wines we've known in recent years. 2) It comes from one of the greatest slices of Cali terroir known to exist. 3) This is the last vintage that will ever be made. 4) We're offering the wine at the best price in the US!

The Seabed

Just in time for the sunshine: a radically delicious white! Skip the Chard, and 1) get one of the higheRadio-Coteau may be among California's greatest (and most acclaimed) producers of terroir-driven wines in the US. 2) one of the Chronicle's celebrated "Winemakers to Watch..." at 3) the best price it's ever been offered at! Resist the Wine Orthodoxy, and become a vinous 1-percenter!

What About Pinot?

What was the best Cali Pinot to cross our palates in recent months? And if we bought a bunch of our recent fave — like, all of the rest of it? — could we pass the deal on to the good people of Berkeley? (Fuminophobes and Pinotphiles alike?) A few phone calls later? BAM.

We're Gonna Take You Higher

Can mountain magic be trapped in a bottle? Can a grape you've never heard of be something you absolutely need? Can the region renowned for making the best Pinot Noir in all of Italy... have a red grape that everyone there accepts is even better? Yes, yes, and yes! Wanna go higher? Elevate your mind (to 550-700m), and get one of the coolest alpine reds the whole world over!

1973 All Over Again

Organically farmed, micro-produced, old-vine white Burgundy? At the sort of price not seen since Watergate? Case up fast!

Grapes are not the Only Fruit

Ever want a grapebreak? Ever crave a crushable sparkler that weighs in at only 5.5% ABV... but is every bit as delicious as your fave pet nat? Ever wonder if there's more to Normandy than D-Day? Ever want the best single deal on no-sulfur-added, biodynamic bubbles we'll likely offer all year? Maybe it's high time you let a Norman conquer you!

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Vintage Berkeley Vine Street

Vintage Berkeley specializes in small-production wines from the United States and around the world. Our wines range from the poised & classic to the audacious & wild, and all of them are hand-selected by our team to inspire and delight. Housed in a decommissioned East Bay Municipal Utility District water pumping station, the Vine Street shop opened for business in January 2005.

Solano Cellars

Solano Cellars is a wine shop and wine bar established in Albany, California in 1978. Founded by Bill and Jane Easton, it attracted a wide clientele of wine lovers across America for its leading interest in small-production wines from the West Coast and worldwide. Vintage Berkeley bought Solano Cellars in 2005, continuing to select the best-tasting and most interesting wines at every price point.

Vintage Berkeley Elmwood

Vintage Berkeley's third location opened in 2008. Located on College Avenue in Berkeley's Elmwood District, the shop has remained true to the Vintage philosophy of specializing in small-production wines, while also developing a reputation for carrying some of the most sought-after bottles from around the world.