Opening Party: The Art of Gabriel Isaac Kasor @ Vine February 24th - Vintage Berkeley
with wines by RONI Selects
Friday, February 24th
5:30 + 6:30pm
$15 / $5 for Club Members
Includes 5 wines!
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We're so excited to present our new artist residency, Gabriel Isaac Sakor. Gabe moved up to San Francisco from a small surf town in San Diego to pursue his dreams as an artist and has found a real nitch within the wine community. 
He started exploring art through photography, and describes the transition of moving from photography to painting as happening overnight, citing the limiting nature of photography, whereas the painting medium allows for more exploration and creation...
"I could only get what the camera could show me. Where I felt like there were more interesting things in life. Things that I find only if I did it my way."
His art is bold, striking, and inviting, creating worlds of space, lightness, and the unknown. His dream-like work presents people in space, transporting us to a different time. His subjects are contemplative, whimsical, and often caught in enjoyment. 
"Rough sketches of crude faces, couples kissing, and bright Basquiat-like splashes of color" - BRANDON PARKS, PARCELMAG
Come join us in celebrating Gabe's installation, along with a lineup of some of our favorite new Georgian wines! Jannea Tschirch of RONI Selects will be in the house, pouring 5 wines from OCHO! 
Roni Ginach discovered these unique, rustic Georgian wines and began importing them last year, and we (and our customers!) went wild for them! Insanely delicious and intriguing, the project was founded in 2012 by a group of wine-loving friends - and you can tell in the wines they are made from a place of passion and fun! The wines are made organically using traditional Georgian techniques, fermenting in qvevri, using only native yeasts. 
"On our labels, you see precious animals of Georgians fauna that are at risk of extinction. While drinking our wine made in an archaic way and looking at these mysterious animals you wonder who you are and why you are here."
Join us for an evening of exploration and wonder! 
Friday, February 24th
5:30 and 6:30 
2113 Vine Street 
$15, $5 for club

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