Greek Wine Seminar @ Elmwood February 23rd - Vintage Berkeley

This Thursday at Elmwood: We Go Paleo.

The Greek Seminar.

This Thurs, 2/23 at College Ave...
We Greek Way Out!

Tastings at 5:30 and 6:30.
Reserve your spot HERE!

When a thing's been working for 4000 years...? It's gotta be good! Come see what a real paleo diet looks like, as we get intimate with some of the geekiest, Greekiest grapes the wide world over: AssyrtikoVidianoMavroudiXinomavro and more!

We'll be affording you a glimpse of one of the two oldest continuous winemaking traditions on Earth (n.b: we're pouring from the other oldest one on Friday!) as we pour wines ranging from your new fave weeknight white... to sexy-pants reds that typically only show up on Michelin-starred menus!  (Plus: expect steep, tasting-day discounts on the wines!)

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