A Tale of Two Hemispheres @ Elmwood March 2nd

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This Thursday at Elmwood!

A Tale of Two Hemispheres:
Deep Down vs. Côte West!

The Flag of a More Perfect Union

AKA, "Thursday Night Fight Night," AKA

New Zealand v. California:

An Epic Blanc-Off & Noir-Down!

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Thurs, 3/2 at College Ave.

Tastings at 5:30 and 6:30.
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Every once in a while you taste a wine that reframes what you think you think you think about a wine category. That happened to us last week, when a friend of ours brought in a new (to-us) New Zealand producer: Deep Down.

Work in wine long enough, see, and you're forgiven in advance for ho-humming a bit when someone offers to pour you a(nother) NZ Sauvignon Blanc. But this one? Daaaaammmn! It slapped our biases right in the face!

And when she then poured us Deep Down's Pinot Noir, (double-daaaammmn!) we knew: we needed to throw this Kiwi a party! Um, what's that? (
Insert record scratch here.) They're a tiny producer who currently only exports two wines?

That won't do.

Our inner Don King awakened, we promptly called one of our favorite Californian winemakers — Bret Hogan of Côte West — and invited him to our...

2023 Vintage Berkeley
Invitational Transhemispheric
Blanc-Off and Noir-Down

Size-wise? It's a fair fight.

Deep Down's helmed by legendary NZ winemaker Clive Dougall (the first New Zealander ever to make certified organic Sauv Blanc, among other feathers in his Kiwi cap), and the wines are radical: prepare to have your brain swirl the other way! Then, counter the Coriolis effect with some of Cali's own best: Côte West's Bret Hogan is in the house, pouring Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir of his own! 

Join us for

A Tale of Two Hemispheres.

Thursday at College Ave.

Tastings at 5:30 and 6:30. (4-5 Wines.)
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(With special guests Bret Hogan and Maria Castelli in the house. Most Likely Hosted Inside!)


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