HELLA CHENIN! Haarmeyer Wine Tasting @ Vine St. March 10th - Vintage Berkeley
HELLA CHENIN! Haarmeyer Wine Tasting with winemaker Craig Haarmeyer
Vine Street
Thursday, 3/10
$10 ($5 for Club Members)
2 seatings, 5:30 & 6:30 

Hella Chenin: The Wines of Craig Haarmeyer
We are over the moon excited to welcome Sacramento-based winemaker and Chenin Blanc enthusiast Craig Haarmeyer to Vintage Berkeley on Vine street! 
Craig is the ORIGINATOR of the Sacramento Terroir... yes, believe it or not, terroir doesn't just come from Napa here in California... and we'll have him in our yard to tell you all about it. He'll be here pouring some of our absolute favorite Cali wines--organically farmed, minimal intervention, natural wines that make a strong argument for his belief in Sacramento terroir. 
Terroir is one of those big words in wine. It's the main contributor to what ends up in your glass--the combination of effects on vines from geographic location, climate, soil, microbes and farming. It's what provides grape vines their home, and what gives wine a sense of place to transport us around the world when we taste. Craig started making wine in 2008, and his passion for the grapes and terroir of the Sacramento delta area is apparent--it's his home, the focus of his winery and is based largely on the classic grape of the region, Chenin Blanc. 
Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 6.54.57 PM.png
Craig recently branded himself as a wine snob, but he is anything but 
In addition to being one of the most badass winemakers around, he's also one of the nicest. A champion for the new generation of winemakers, and a collaborator in everything he does, we've been honored to work with Craig's wines for years. 
We'll be pouring two incredible Haarmeyer Chenin Blancs: the unbeatable for quality & price 2021 St. Rey 'SRV' bottling (only $17.50!) as well as his single vineyard 2020 Cresci Chenin Blanc, from a pink granite and quartz-laden vineyard planted by Gerald Cresci in 1983. We'll also have two newly released wines--his shop favorite/mind bending 2021 Nebbiolo as well as a skin contact 2020 Riesling from the fabled Wirz vineyard. And there will definitely be some Zinfandel in the mix as well!
Come meet Craig, share some glasses with us and find out more about the wines of Sacramento!
Thursday, March 10th
2 Reservation slots - 5:30PM, 6:30PM
$10 ($5 for club!)
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