Croatian Vacation! July 30th at Elmwood - Vintage Berkeley

Win A One-Night
Croatian Vacation!

(AKA: So You Think You Can Danch?)

The view down College Avenue this Friday

Tomorrow, Friday, 7/30.
6 - 7:30 PM, at Elmwood.
Six Wines + Croatian Nosh!

An by win, we mean... you've won! Just show up tomorrow: Eric Danch, the greatest importer of Central European wonderments in the US, is back in town... and he's ready to make with us some Hrvatska zabava

Long before your friend's friend told you how Croatia was the new St. Barts? Eric was in the trenches, wandering around every last former Yugoslav republic, comrade-ing it up with the best winemakers in the region, drinking them under the table if that was what it took to secure their Plavac Mali for the unsuspecting American masses.

Guess what? That's you! He did it all for you! (Didn't suspect that, did you?) And now? The time has come for Danch to share!

Tomorrow he's bringing us a Croatian quintet, ranging from stone-cold, compete-with-any-country-anywhere classics (including the Pošip that single-handedly got Dan into the wine business!)... to the sort of wild, micro-produced vinous freakazoids that may induce you to sing turbo-folk loudly while running in an open wheat field, or atop a castle. (In one instance? We'll be tasting a wine of which only 500 bottles was made!) Bubbles? Yes. White wines? Check. Skin-contact wines? Check check! Reds that will expand your sense of the category? Indeed.

Korčula: an island with a sign that marks the spot where Pošip was discovered

But wait! In honor of the late great Ron PopeilThere's more! In addition to those five Croatian sensations (Not one but two Pošips! Malvasia! Plavac Mali! Teran!), Eric will also start us off with a seductive Slovenian pet nat... and bring some authentic Croatian ajvar and peka so you can nosh while you slosh!

Come meet the man we consider one of the most dynamic wine importers in America, and join us tomorrow outdoors at Elmwood for...

The Croatian Vacation!

Tomorrow, Friday, 7/30.
6 - 7:30 PM, at Elmwood.

Six Wines + Croatian Nosh: only $10!

(W/ Special Tasting-Day Discounts!)

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