Sicilian Terroir @ Solano Cellars February 16th

There's terroir...and then there's Sicily.

To put into context how long Sicily's history is, consider this: over the millennia, the island has played host to Phoenician and Greek colonies, the Roman and Byzantine empires, the Ostrogoths and the Vandals - and that's all before the Norman invasion and establishment of the first (of a few) Kingdom of Sicily.

As much geopolitical shifting that went on, there was even more geological movement, thus forming the unique and incredibly varied terroir and microclimates across the island. And on Thursday, we'll explore that varied landscape with wines from throughout Sicily, from Etna to Vittoria and beyond.

We'll have Abby Vorce of Oliver McCrum wines behind the bar to pour through 6 of our favorite Sicilian wines and talk through the terroir of the Island!

$30 ($20 for club members)

Friday February 16th

Solano Cellars from 5-8

*No reservations necessary

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