Piemontese Christmas in (almost) July @ Solano Cellars Friday, June 28th
Solano Cellars
Friday, June 28th from 5-8pm
Flight of 4 Barolo for $25 ($15 Club)
Flight of 4 Barbaresco for $25 ($15 Club)
Taste all 8 for $40 ($25 Club)
July is (basically) here, which can only mean one thing: the holidays are almost upon us, and with it, the impending release of new vintages of Barolo & Barbaresco to serve at our holiday tables! With the season looming ahead, we're faced with the always difficult task of choosing which wines to bring in for the occasion, whittling our selections down from a vast sea of cru expressions of Barolo and Barbaresco down to our chosen few (won't someone pour one out for the poor, suffering wine buyers?). 
This year, we're letting you decide: is Barbaresco at its best when pulled from the limestone--rich soils of the Montefico Cru, elegant and lush, or from the blue-grey marl of Montestefano, yielding a more powerfully constructed palate, the tannins firm and chewy? Is the Rabajà vineyard, a small strip of land sitting in the center of a natural amphitheater, worthy of its place as arguably the most revered Cru in the region? And where does a Barolo-hound turn to find their perfect fix - the rounded fruit and gentle tannin coaxed from the sandy Castellero vineyard, or the floral and mineral nuances from the "cliffs" of Castiglione. Or does the marriage of Tortonian-era soil of western Barolo with the Helvetian-era soil of eastern Barolo within the Cannubi vineyard yield the perfect balance of silky tannin, soft fruit, a dense mineral core, and tremendous structure?
This Friday, we're pouring a selection of our favorite Cru Barolo and Barbaresco from some of our favorite producers in Piedmont, from Brezza to Oddero, La Ca Nova to Verduno. Choose between a Barolo flight and a Barbaresco flight, each highlighting the differences and nuance provided by the specific terroir of the assorted Crus (or if you want to taste the full spectrum, taste the whole lineup of 8 wines!). We'll be offering pre-arrival sales and special pricing for the soon-to-be-released vintages of each of the wines on the menu so you can sort your holiday bottles in advance. It's Christmas in (almost) July!
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