Meinklang @ College Ave. Thursday, June 27th
Thursday, June 27th
$15 ($5 Club Members)
Meinklang is a story of family, farming, biodiversity, and wine. The Michlits Family has called the Austria-Hungarian border region of Neusiedlersee home for many generations. The village used to be Hungarian before the First World War but was later allocated to Austria and then back to Hungary again as a casualty of communism. After the fall of communism in Hungary in 1989, the Michlits embraced this new period of privatization and began rapidly expanding their farm and the diversification of the estate. Only 60 hectares in the late 80s, the estate now comprises 2,500 hectares in both present-day Austria and Hungary. Biodynamics have been embraced since the early 2000s, and the farm today is actually more of a look of what farming was like in the region long ago: “a multi-faceted, independent and self-sufficient mixed farm run on gut feel and instinct.”

The estate is probably even more celebrated for its wine than its ambitiously-scaled biodynamic agriculture. The Meinklang wines have found fame all over the world and are enthusiastically embraced for their juicy lightness and vibrant colors.

At Meinklang they fully believe in their “Wein-Garten” (German for vineyard) by creating a true garden with fruit, vegetables, vines, and herbs. These are then surrounded by animals and agriculture, making it a truly self-sustaining ecosystem. Angela, the winemaker, is convinced that this biodiversity only enhances the flavors of the wine.

On Thursday we’ll treat you to the full Meinklang experience by pouring wines from both sides of the border, which each have their own roots in traditional Austrian and Hungarian varieties:

Meinklang Foam Vulkan - (Harslevelü, Juhfark) from Somló, Hungary. Reclaimed this plot after the fall of communism.

Meinklang Prosa Rosé - Rosé sparkler is made from 100% Pinot Noir.

Meinklang Mulatschak - Skin contact Welschiesling and Pinot Gris.

Mulatschak Rot - Zweigelt and St. Laurent. Low-alcohol and fun, very light-colored red.

Meinklang Blaufrankisch - A charming and fun style of the traditional Austrian variety.
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