Fondugues Pradugues: Tasting the Natural Wines of St-Tropez @ Vine June 23rd
Fondugues Pradugues: Tasting the Natural Wines of St-Tropez

Friday, June 23
Vintage Berkeley - Vine Street
5:30 - 7:30PM
$15 ($5/club)

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St-Tropez, land of the jet-set, bronzed vacationer, the behemoth yacht and rosé. While Provence in general, and St-Tropez in particular, offer a range of wines from outstanding to banal, they tend to cater to a stereotypical style that the beach-bound vacationers expect. 

Enter Fondugues Pradugues, St-Tropez based winery headed up by Stephen Roberts. This is not your mom's rosé! Stephen inherited an enchanted property with 34 acres of vines set between two farmhouses (Fondugues and Pradugues, respectively), moved in in 2010 and immediately went about converting the vineyards to organic farming. The local co-op lost interest in buying from him post transition, forcing his hand to start making his own wine. Stephen now bottles a beautiful line up of low-intervention, biodynamic-certified rosé and red wines.

This is as off the beaten path Provence as you can get! A sip and you'll be transported to their picturesque property, shaded by cyprus trees and featuring casual backyard service complete with a converted airstream. Stephen hopes to show that St-Tropez wines can be terroir-driven, serious, natural wine, not just frivolous light beach juice.

Come taste through the Fondugues Pradugues with Cory of Mission Wine this Friday! We'll be pouring five selections and as always Cory will provide the all-vinyl soundtrack too!
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