Let's Talk About Pinot Noir @ Elmwood November 3rd - Vintage Berkeley

The Pinot Seminar with Luke Baxter of Transparent Wines!

Thursday, November 3rd
6 - 7:30pm
7 Wines
$10 / $5 Club Member
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Please join us at 6pm for a splash of "bonus" wine while we gather (Burgundy has white grapes, too!) The tasting/seminar will begin at 6:30pm sharp, and we'll do the wines in sync so everyone can learn about them! (Don't be late: it's a sensitive grape!)

It doesn't take Paul Giamatti to tell you that Pinot Noir is one of the finickiest of all grapes in the Vinoverse! Famously hard to grow, it's sensitive to soil type, weather, moisture, sun, and heck, probably comments about its weight as well. To make matters even sensitive-er? It's thin-skinned and bruises easily too, often requiring hand harvesting and extra vineyard love.

In short? If it weren't so godd*#ed sexy? It would have been abondoned on the trash heap of vinous history long ago. But as hard as it is to make quality Pinot Noir. And as even harder as it is to make quality Pinot Noir that's also affordable. Great winemakers are drawn to the challenege like moths to a flame.

Tomorrow we do a deep dive on this most sensitive -- and sensual -- of all grapes... and we're going to talk about it across its enitre range! Oregon Pinot, from one of our favorite winemakers in America! The highest-elevation Pinot in the world! And Pinot from the southernmost and northernmost edges of France's Burgundy region, where the grape is thought to reach its apotheosis.

But that's not all! Know where else Pinot plays a starring role? CHAMPAGNE, my friends, and we'll be pouring two of them (Blanc and Rosé) tomorrow from one of our favorite grower-producers.

This is one seminar not to be missed!

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