Spotlight on Gaillac and Cahors @ Vine October 28th - Vintage Berkeley
Spotlight on Gaillac and Cahors
A trip to the Southwest with Maria Castelli and Mylene Lonjaret from France! 
Friday 10/28 @ Vine St, 5:30-7:30
5 Wines - $10 / $5 for Club

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Did you know there's more to France than Burgundy, Champagne and Bordeaux?! Ok, ok bare with us here...

Many of France's winemaking regions have historically sat in the shadows of Bordeaux and Burgundy. Bordeaux's control of the rivers and ports in the Middle Ages allowed them to extort other winemaking regions, leaving them in a difficult financial position when it came to replanting after phylloxera in the 19th century. (Yes, believe it or not, Bordeaux has a slightly power-hungry villainous past...) 

This Friday we're shining a light on two of France's lesser known regions in Southwestern France - Gaillac and Cahors - Where the influence of both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet. The Atlantic climate brings moisture throughout the year, while the Mediterranean climate brings up a hot arid current coming from North Africa in the months before harvest. The result is fruitier and more highly aromatic wines - but we're not talking Glou-Glou fruit bombs. The fruit profiles here are balanced with weight and structure - they have to hold up to the region's cuisine of duck, pork, and lamb! 

The Gaillac Region has about 1,500 years of winemaking history on Bordeaux, and 1,000 years on Burgundy... and they stand as one of the most diverse appellations in France... growing varieties you never heard of (Fer Servadou, Loin de L’Oeil, Duras... say what?!) and Domaine Rotier is one of our favorite organic producers in the region. We'll be pouring 3 of their wines that uniquely represent the region! 

And then there's Cahors! The French home of Cot (aka: Malbec), and a culinary lamb that commands its OWN appellation (Quercy). A red-wine-only region, they are serious about what they do - this is not a juicy Argentinian Malbec - these wines pack a punch with iron-rich minterality and spice. We are super excited to pour two wines from Domaine Haut Monplaisir, a club featured winemaker this month! 

Looking for a perfect wine pairing for your holiday roast lamb?! Come join us for a tasting and try before you buy! Or come to taste varietals you've never heard of from Gaillac, and join us in saying 'Fer Servadou' 5 times fast after 5 pours of wine... 

We hope to see you then! 
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