Lambo Party! August 11th at Elmwood - Vintage Berkeley

Lambo Party!

Gian Paolo Isabella, seen here bloodlessly kicking ass

Tomorrow, Aug. 11th.
6 - 7:30 PM, Elmwood.

TL; DR: Naturally made Italian sparklers! By an ex-Muay Thai Champion! Served by the glass or by the bottle, with pizza! In the open-air speakeasy (read: parking lot) behind our store!

Tomorrow we settle the age-old question: 'What do wines by a three-time national Muay Thai champion taste like?'

Also discussed: 'Is Lambrusco the world's most underrated wine?' Also: 'Does Italy's single greatest culinary region, Emilia-Romagna, maybe know a thing or two about what to drink with food?' And: 'Can naturally made sparkling wine, served in an open-air parking lot with Nabolom pizza, cure all ills? At least for an hour?'

Tomorrow we answer these questions and others by popping the wines of Gian Paolo Isabella, the genius fighter turned gentle farmer who, upon retiring from the ring, founded Il Saliceto... one of the greatest producers of naturally made Lambrusco we know.

Let it be stated for all time: artisanally made Lambrusco is: a) one of the most misunderstood wines in all the vinous world, b) a tradition that almost went extinct when a juggernaut named Riunite aimed its Vinous Death Star rays at it, and c) one of wine pros' favorite secret weapons... when it comes to food pairings & heart delightings both!

Come join us outside for our Lambo Party, and discover for yourself how Lambrusco can be as serious as it is fun! (Not to mention dry!) Come pop natural sparklers and consume them with pizza, per the will of God and other Emiliani!

Tomorrow, Aug. 11th.
6 - 7:30 PM, Elmwood.

Affordable wines by the glass, and Nabolom pizza by the slice! Free corkage on all bottles! (Free slice of pizza for all club members!)

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