Georgian Wine Tasting @ Elmwood October 13th - Vintage Berkeley

Georgian Wine Tasting

with Stetson of Black Lamb

Vintage Berkeley Elmwood

Thursday, October 13th

6 - 7:30pm

$10 / $5 Club Members

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Forget "Old World wines;" what about Oooooooooooooold World wines? Black Lamb Imports focuses on ancient styles of wine, under-heralded terroirs, and hard-to-pronounce native grape varieties vinified with pre-industrial technologies (like the Georgian qvervi you see importer Stetson Robbins disappearing into, above). The business plan may be frightening, but we're here to report that the wines are anything but!

This Thursday? Come join us as Stetson takes us to the origins of winemaking itself; Georgia, where rustic orange wines are poured freely from clay pitchers over multicourse meals of dumpling and grilled meats. Come taste a lineup of 5 stunning Georgian peaches!

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