Artemis Karamolegos @ Solano Cellars February 22nd

For a wine culture as ancient as any in the world, Greek wine is still largely unknown, at least when compared to its Western European and New World peers (somewhat understandably; history dating back to the second half of the fifth millennium BC can be a lot to unpack). Though it can get a bit lost in the long shadow cast by the West, Greek wine traditions established in the classical period essentially created the framework by which we understand wine in a modern sense - designations of origin, placename, selected vineyards, even sommelier as profession (thanks for the paycheck, Greeks).

In the last 150 or so years, ancient vineyards planted to indigenous varieties have been rebuilt, replanted, and nursed back to health. And more recently, Greek wineries have established themselves on an international scale, drawing attention to the tremendous range of those native varieties and traditions. One such winery is Artemis Karamolegos, who have been highlighting their old-vine vineyards on Santorini since 1952. They highlight the compelling varieties that have been integral to the island's vinous history for millenia: Aidani, Mavrotragano, and of course, Assyrtiko (very old, and treated in a variety of traditional methods).

On Thursday, we'll taste through the best Karamolegos has to offer, from white to orange to red, and even a splash of something sweet. Taste through the stunning lineup of wines (and get a bit of history on the side)!
6 wines for $30 ($20 for club members)
Thursday February 22nd from 5-8pm
*No reservations necessary
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