Unleash Your Pig - Vintage Berkeley

Unleash Your Pig.

Let's get snout-deep for a second.

White Truffles,
Imported from Alba!

... at (likely) the Best Price in the US!

TL; DR: White truffles from the hills of Piedmont are at their most sensuous heights right now, and we have the best price in all of the East Bay... and possibly the best price in the US! Order now or forever muzzle your snout!

Truffle pigs know. In life? It pays to be an inexorable vector of desire. To let no root go unsnouted in one's pursuit of sensual delight. Metaphorically speaking, it's how we curate our shops: we probe the probosci around till the nostrils flare out with glee... at which point we grab cases of the wine that aroused us so!

But sometimes? We like to literalize our metaphors. For four Decembers now we've arranged to offer you the best deal on white truffles in California, and it's proved to be one of our most popular offers of the season. So in this ongoing annus horribilis, when pleasure sometimes seems scarce? Naturally we're doing it again.

Prova a resistere!

This week (and this week only) we're once more pre-selling white truffles from Alba. These are the same sex-infused nuggets of natural brain-dilation that restaurants all over the state compete for! (We work with the same source as two of the most famous truffle-purveying restaurants in the East Bay.) 

The best price on white truffles in our area is currently $300/ounce; best prices online range from $300-350/oz (at places like Eataly and Williams-Sonoma). Us? We're pre-selling the very same earthy astonishments sold above... for only 

What? You want more from us? You got it! In the spirit of rewarding a well-reasoned piggishness: if you choose to unite these nuggets in holy matrimony — i.e., you also buy $100 or more worth of the Italian red wines they're intended to marry (i.e., Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, et al.)? We'll offer them to you for just 
$200/ounce! (That's 33% off the best price anywhere!)

We can't promise your face will return to normal

The details! 1) One ounce minimum order. (1 oz. is the recommended minimum for two people, allowing you to have two or three different dishes with truffle shavings. Got more people coming? Order up!) And - because truffles are born of earth and not of labs - please 2) give us your ideal rough quantity, knowing there will be a slight +/- on the weights. (Lastly, 3) please tell us if you'd like to opt in to the more deeply discounted price, and we'll consult with you on red wines for your feast!)

 Orders need to be in by Saturday morning. They'll likely arrive from Italy the following Friday, 12/17! (While best within 3 days of arrival, they last for a week easily if stored properly.)

Go full feral! Give someone (or yourself) an early Christmas present they won't forget!

White Truffles,
Imported from Alba!

(Best Pricing elsewhere: $300-350.)

Our price: $250/ounce.
Our price with Truffle Wine: $200/ounce!

Order here!

(First time truffler, and want advice/ideas? Happy to help!)