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The Time Machine:
It Just Got Real.

Bow & Arrow's spacetime-defying red: Time Machine

Bow & Arrow "Time Machine"
(An Oregon-made, Loire-inspired Red Blend)

Normally: $25.

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TL; DR: Bow & Arrow's Scott Frank has been called one of the "it" winemakers of Oregon's Willamette Valley, and his wines acclaimed as some of the most unique in the US. While 99% of his Valley peers chase Burgundy (Pinot, Pinot, Pinot!), Scott looks to the Loire. His "Time Machine" red, a Loire-inspired blend of Pinot, Gamay, and Cab Franc, is a bistro-tuned wonder, more akin to a juicy, life-affirming bottle from Cheverny or Chinon than to anything normally found on our shores! Normally $25, we're offering it for only $20/btl on the 6-pack!

Did your subscription to Classical and Quantum Gravity lapse during the pandemic? 

If so, you likely missed the most important news item of our whole, horrible annus coronicus

Time travel is real.

No, like, for really reals! Earlier this year an Australian physics prodigy named Germain Tobar successfully proved that paradox-free time travel (e.g., The Grandfather Paradox, the Bootstrap Paradox, the Let's-Kill-Hitler Paradox, et many al.) is possible... and physicists around the world are saying the math checks out!

Well, Bow & Arrow's Scott Frank, one of our favorite American winemakers (and the man Ian Cauble, the "Somm" sommelier called one of "Oregon's newest 'it' producers, crafting natural reds of unbelivable finesse and energy"), did the math a while back... or a while from now — we can't know for sure!

The result, while slightly less world-changing than, say, a slain dictator, is quite simply one of the greatest domestic wines we've had all year... especially at its sub-$25 price point!

"Whatever Happens, Marty, Don't Go to 2020" (Dublin, Ireland)

Now, we're not sure whether Scott 1) owns a Tardis, 2) drives a flux capacitor-enabled DeLorean, or 3) is just really, really into the Chambers Brothers' 11-min, psychedelic magnum opus "Time Will Come Today" (TIME! TIME! TIME! TIME! says the label). But we do know that even in an area absolutely loaded with winemaking talent, he stands apart.

Having trained with the undisputed master of Willamette Pinot, John Paul Cameron (buy his wine here!)... Scott nevertheless always believed that there was much more to Oregon than the mere pursuit of Pinot! Long drawn to the fresh, crunchy, mineral reds of the Loire Valley, and the vibrant joy of a great Cru Beaujolais, he sought those as his models instead — and he's now considered the master of "the other side" of Willamette Valley winemaking. 

Scott Frank, at the top of the ladder

Scott's "Time Machine" is like no other wine we know: an homage to the bistro-tuned Loire blends he and we both love from Cheverny: a blend of Pinot, Gamay, and Cab Franc, it's natty, tangy, and soul-enlivening like very few domestic wines. (And at at only 12.5% ABV, it's as light on its feet as it is electrifying!)

With its notes of vibrant black cherry, wild blueberry, and rich & earthy tobacco, it's as perfect a fall quaffer as any in the shop: roast a chicken, pop this, add the quantum theory to gravity and travel the multiverse: it's possible!

As if it defies the laws of gravity

Bow & Arrow "Time Machine"
Normally: $25.

Our price: $24 on 1. Buy here.
And only $20 on 6! Buy here!

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