The Prosecco Seminar @ Elmwood February 1st - Vintage Berkeley

Come Celebrate the End of Dry and Wet Januaries!

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The floodwaters have parted... and some of you have emerged from your month-long experiment in abstinence with newly heightened senses! Let's open up some bottles together in celebration of both!

To that end? We have three (3!) producer events scheduled over the course of the next ten days... starting this Wednesday with Sara Ceschin of northeast Italy's Il Colle!

Indeed: this weekend we got the exciting news that the woman behind one of our favorite Prosecco producers was in town... and had a night to spare for us! Without hesitation, we booked her for a Prosecco seminar -- this is your chance to learn what makes Prosecco special, especially in the careful hands of a tiny family-owned producer!

In addition to explaining 1) how Prosecco differs from Champagne and Cava, we'll also explore 2) the difference between Brut and Extra Dry; 3) the difference between DOC and DOCG; 4) the difference between vintage and non-vintage sparklers; and 5) the fun of white and rosé Proseccos!

The seminar is this Wednesday at 6:30, consists of six wines, and is limited to 16 people! It's $15 for non-members, $5 for members. (If it sells out fast, we may try to create a 5:30 slot as well!)

Come learn about one of the world's great sparkling wine traditions from a real live Italian Prosecco-ista!

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