The Innovator of Alsace @ Solano Cellars April 26th
Few things unleash our (not so) inner wine nerd quite like Alsace: the old vines that wrap around and through the thatch-roofed, storybook villages, the tremendous precision and tension achieved from those old vines, and the Alsatians' truly unmatched mastery of pork cookery - if there is a god, and indeed a heaven, I imagine it’s nestled comfortably in Eguisheim. But for all the adherence to tradition in Alsace, there's also a persistent drive for discovery, experimentation, and innovation, largely led by the youngest generations of established winemaking families. Such is the story with Maison Charles Frey.
Frey himself embraced that spirit of innovation: when he inherited a small slice of land in Dambach-la-Ville after WWII, he committed the 0.75 hectare parcel exclusively to grape-growing, planted more vines by hand, and built a tasting space in a converted stable on the property. Years later, he became a pioneer of organic and biodynamic viticulture in Alsace alongside his son Dominique, fully converting his estate vineyards well before such practices were more widely accepted. Charles' grandsons Julien and Thibaud run the cellar now and continue to produce some of the most swoon-worthy stunners that Alsace has to offer - from elegant Cremant to single vineyard Pinot Noir that stands up to Burgundy at three times its price. Recently, Julien and Thibaud launched their new project Les Encuvés, a lineup of playful, fresh wines made from Frey's estate vineyards that are somewhat less tied to Alsatian tradition: Pet Nat, lively field blends, juicy co-ferments of red and white grapes, all bottled with little or no sulfur added.
On Friday, we're tasting Frey and Les Encuvés side-by-side, showcasing the continuity in quality between the two projects while highlighting the exciting spectrum of wines coming from Alsace. Our friend and importer Gregoire Montot will be behind the bar to pour through the lineup!
Flight of 6 wines for $25 ($15 for club members)
Friday 4/26 from 5-8pm
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