The Hungarian Revolution @ Elmwood June 17th - Vintage Berkeley

The Hungarian Revolution.

(During the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, revolutionaries cut out the hammer-and-sickle emblem and used the tricolor with a hole in the middle as the symbol of the anti-Soviet revolution.)

The Hungarian Revolution
Tasting with Eric Danch!

At Elmwood.
This Friday, 6/17.

Only $10. ($5 for Club Members.)
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It's not a stretch to say that Hungary - the country with one of the longest and most distinguished wine traditions on this Vinous Planet - has quite simply never been more exciting.

And that's saying something! In the 17th century, Louis XIV — a guy who called himself the Sun King and a fella who definitely had access to whatever he wanted to drink — called Hungarian wine "the wine of Kings and the King of wines." In the 18th century, Catherine the Great had a permanent detachment of her royal guard stationed in Hungary to guard her shipments of Hungarian wine. And in the 19th century, the annual birthday gift the inbred and inbreeding Queen Victoria looked forward to the most? The shipment of Hungarian wine she got sent by armed transport from the Austro-Hungarian emperor. In short? For most of modern wine-drinking history, despite agreeing about almost literally nothing else? There was a pan-European consensus on the single greatest country in wine.

And in the 21st century? It's your turn to find out! Come foment the ferment (to say nothing of Furmint!), and taste with Eric Danch, America's single greatest importer of Hungarian and other Mitteleuropan wines (and descendant of Hungarians himself!). These are some of the most exciting wines in the shop... whites that make Burgundy very, very nervous... and reds so lithe and nervy you can charge your neighbor's Tesla with them!

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