Comedy Night AND Stereophonic Wine Tasting @ Elmwood July 9th - Vintage Berkeley

Come Laugh in Stereo.

The Stereophonic/Vintage Berkeley Comedy Fundraiser for Reproductive Rights.

Taste the New Releases of Stereophonic, with Jason Lefler in the House!

Then Join Us for Comedy by the Glass...
with Famed Late-Night Headliner, Larry "Bubbles" Brown!

A Mere $15 Gets You Into Both!

Tasting Starts at 5 PM.
Comedy Starts at 7 PM.

By Reservation Only, HERE!

All Event Profits to Go to the NNAF!

You already know Stereophonic: it's one of our favorite wine projects, founded by one of our favorite people, Jason Lefler.

And you already know our Comedy by the Glass series! The perpetually sold-out comedy shows we've been running outdoors during the pandemic, when laughs and wine have never been more direly desired!

Well, when 1) Jason told us he had a brand-new lineup of wines to pour... and when 2) we managed to book one of the best sets of comics ever, including the famed Larry "Bubbles" Brown (multiple appearances on the Letterman Show, among many other accolades), and then 3) the Supreme Court decided to *@#! with the rights to our bodies, we decided to go bigger than usual.

For a mere $15 you can attend both events! (All event profits will be donated to the NNAF.) There is a $15 drink minimum per person. (You can purchase in advance, or buy a Stereophonic bottle (or case!) at the event.

Come to the store to check in at 5. The Stereophonic tasting is from 5 to 6:30, and will be held safely outdoors. From 6:30-6:45, attendees will make final purchases as needed before adjourning to the Comedy by the Glass show, held nearby (80 yards away, also held outdoors). And instead of a tip jar? We'll be passing the donation buckets around!  

What do wine, laughs, and fundraising efforts for women's rights have in common? They've never, ever been more needed! Come join us this Saturday for an amazing event, and an urgent cause!

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