Neue Neue Deutsche Welle @ College Ave. May 30th
Thursday, May 30th
$15 ($5 Club Members)

That translates to “New New German Wave.” New new indeed. Appearing for the first time in the Bay Area, these wines are the product of a younger generation of German winemakers using modern techniques to create wines that are fun, fresh, and drink-now. The Mosel, Pfalz, and Rheinhessen are probably all regions you’ve heard of before, but these winemakers are making wines there that you don’t have to stick in your cellar for 15 years to appreciate (or break the bank, for that matter). Basically, they’re the wines that the “kids” are drinking at the coolest wine bars in Berlin—which is what we’re turning our tasting room into Thursday night.

We’ll be pouring a Red Pet Nat, Sekt, some White and Red conferments, a Pinot Auxerrois, and a Sauvignon Blanc that is New Zealandesque but still stylistically German. We’ll also have Jan-Philipp Bleeke Jemand Riesling for the diehards!

Sebastian from Baire will be here. He’s a Berlin kid through and through, with a passion for German and Austrian wine. When he and his wife Claire (a native Californian) were living in Germany, they discovered exceptional wines in the region that weren’t being exported to the US. Thus, Baire was born. We must thank him for that on Thursday when he will be behind the bar pouring and discussing all things German wine. He’s a great hang! We can’t wait to turn our little tasting room into a slice of Berlin. Willkommen!

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