Meinklang! The Event June 29th at Elmwood - Vintage Berkeley
Meinklang: The Event!

Meinklang's Niklas Peltzer!
Tuesday, June 29th, 6 PM.
(College Ave. location.)


It's our first post-pando tasting, and we couldn't be more excited about who's here to help kick it off: Niklas Peltzer, of the legendary biodynamic winery Meinklang, arrives from Austria two Tuesdays hence... and he's bringing wine!

Located in Eastern Austria, right on the Hungarian border of Hungary, it's actually set within a World Heritage site (the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park).

One of the largest Demeter-certified biodynamic wineries in Europe, Meinklang is a family-run polycultural farming operation (ancient grains, vegetables, fruit orchards, beehives, grape vines and more) famed for proving the scalability of great farming... and for managing to capture the wildness of their magical site in bottle!

Come join us and Niklas as we celebrate the wines of Meinklang, and the winding down of a long, long year!

(Stay tuned for more details... but save the date!)
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