Kenny's in Berkeley @ College Ave. April 18th
Thursday, April 18th
$15 for 5 wines ($5 Club Members)
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You’ve probably seen the wines of skateboarder-turned-winemaker Kenny Likitprakong around the shop by now. After all, they’ve been staples of Vintage Berkeley for almost 20 years. A lot has happened in that time—we now have 3 shops; Kenny has 6 brands—but what remains the same is the care, respect, and soulfulness Kenny puts into his wine. Join us on Thursday at our College Avenue location as Kenny returns to share some of his current releases (and check out our new Tasting Space while you're at it):

We’ll start the tasting with one of Kenny's ciders! (Hobo Sparkling Apple Cider). Sourced from an old orchard on the Sonoma Coast, this Cider is 50% Gravensteins and Kings, with the other half a mix of pears, quince, and crabapples. Made by hand in the Champagne method (!), this is totally dry (it almost has a seaspray snap to it) and totally delicious.
Then its on to the wines, which cover a spectrum of California's wine producing regions:
Folk Machine White Light -- a white blend of Mendocino Friulano fruit, Suisun Valley Verdelho, Albarino, and Vermentino, and Potter Valley Sauvignon Blanc. The result is a crisp and aromatic kaleidoscope.
Folk Machine Pinot Noir -- A Burgundian-style Pinot from Potter Valley. Light in alcohol, it starts out showing earthy, tart cran-cherry fruit, then blossoms magnificently as riper cherry flavors emerge atop a spicy, black mineral core.
Folk Machine Grenache -- This is the first vintage of this wine. The fruit comes from 4 vineyards: Waddington Ranch in Mendocino, Brosseau in Chalone, Mangals Ranch in Suisun, and Cedar Lane in Arroyo. Each site offers a slightly different expression of the grape. Together they create something distinctively Californian: elegant, rustic, and fruit-driven.
Ghostwriter Chardonnay -- The coup de grâce! The brioche-meets-hazelnut aroma out of the glass is mesmerizing. It’s Cali Chard that will remind you of the wild alpine whites of Savoie—without the sherry-like oxidized vibe. From the cool Santa Cruz Mountains, this is premium, low-alcohol Chardonnay.
- 4 wines + a cider for only $15 ($5 for Club Members)
- 10% off purchase of 4 bottles or more event wines
- Reservations required for seating in the Tasting Space
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