Chilean Wine Extravaganza @ Vine St June 14
Tasting the natural wines of Chile!
Featuring the wines of Roberto Henríquez, Mingaco, Gonzalez Bastias and more! 
Vintage Berkeley @ Vine Street
Friday June 14th
9 wines & snacks!
$20 ($10 for club members)

Come check out some of our favorite natural wines of Chile, featuring wines from Roberto Henríquez (Bio Bio), Mingaco (Itata) and Gonzalez Bastias (Maule). We'll be featuring a 9 wine lineup of wines from three of our favorite portfolios, will have some snacks to nibble on and will share tales from our recent trip to Chile!

Roberto Henríquez is a first-generation winemaker - classically trained in agronomy and enology at the University of Concepción. He farms his own País, Semillon & Cinsault vines (and more!) organically and biodynamically - some vines are 200+ years old!! - and is insanely connected to the Chilean terroir. He follows traditional winemaking methods with little to no intervention, and with vines stretching two centuries deep into soils of mixed volcanic and red clay, there's layers of flavor here unlike any wine you've likely ever tried. 
Daniela Lorenzo and Jose Luis Gonzales Bastias are the couple behind one of Chile’s oldest, continuously family owned heritage Pais vineyards - farming own rooted 200+ year old vines on the southern shore of the Maule River. Their Matorral bottling of Pais is an absolute favorite, and their wines are made as natural as possible - the grapes are crushed manually using a Zaranda de Coligüe, with only native fermentations and absolutely no additions or corrections.
Daniela De Pablo, Pablo Pedreros, and their children Luan and Mayra are the family behind Mingaco, a regenerative farm and winery in the village of Checura along the Itata river. They work with old vines of Moscatel (Muscat of Alexandria, to be specific), Cinsault, and Pais, some of the traditional varieties that have been present in Itata for many hundreds of years. Their Moscatel is beautiful, it is one of the most fragrant and complex aromatic wine we've ever tasted!

We are so happy to host three importer friends who will be here to pour and talk all things Chile! Come say hi to Alex Powar (T. Edward Wines), Jehan Hakimian (Jose Pastor Selections) and Cory Gowan (Mission Wine Co.), listen to an all vinyl South American set and taste the natural wines of Chile!
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