Montanar of Friuli @ College Ave. April 25th
Thursday, April 25th
$15 for 5 wines ($5 Club Members)
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If there's one thing that defines the winemaking tradition of the Montanar family, it’s right there in our headline. Now in its 4th generation, this Friulian producer can proudly state that their vineyards have never been sprayed with those unnatural R-word glyphosate-containing herbicides, ever. Certified organic in 1996 and biodynamic not too long after that (before all of the cool kids were doing it), the Montanar wines are truly OG natural creations. Check all the boxes: indigenous yeasts, handpicked, unfined/unfiltered. Think regenerative farming at its staunchest. They don’t even till the soil because it “destroys the microbial network beneath and the nutritive cover crops above.” Radical.

The vineyards happen to be in a just-right microclimate as well. Protected by mountains to the north and exposed to the winds from the Adriatic Sea a few miles south, Montanar’s location is perfect for ripening and cooling the grape varieties of Friuli (most notably Merlot, Tocai Friulano and Refosco). The result is wines that are electric and alive. They tell a story of place and land that has been cared for with the utmost precision and intention.

Join us for a tasting of 5 Friulian wines that showcase how care in the vineyard can truly translate to greatness in the bottle.

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