Yves Leccia 'E Croce' Rosé MAGNUM

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Thanks to fellow Berkeley wine-pusher Kermit Lynch, we can taste this perfect incarnation of Corsica, and the way it's torn between its French yin on the one hand and its Italian yang on the other. Four parts Mediterranean herbs in the form of Nieilucciu (the Corsican word for Sangiovese... hi, Italy!) on the one hand and one part white-pepper-riddled, strawberry-licked stones in the form of Grenache on the other (hello, France!), this is a rose that can dress up (I had this tuxedo made in Milan) or dress down (I got this bikini in Nice) with equal aplomb. Famed as being one of the most serious and age-worthy rosés, this 2018 is drinking better now than when it first arrived on our shores!

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