Sandy Giovese Vino Rosso 3L Box

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Recently on Bon Appétit? Superstar somm Andre Mack (yes, the same guy behind some of our favorite in-store bottles, like this, and this, and this) reviewed a whole gamut of boxed wines.

His favorite? One we were already working with: Sandy Giovese. (He even said, "I'd drink this wine all day long.") (See it here; he mentions it at the beginning and reviews it in full after the 6-minute mark.)

Want other reasons besides both our and a celebrity somm's rabid endorsement? How about: 

1) Because an organically grown, delicious Tuscan red "bottle" for 9 bucks and change is an astonishment!

2) Because it's better for the environment! (Boxed wines = half the emissions per 750 milliliters! Research indicates that switching to wine in a box for the 97 percent of wines that are made to be consumed within a year would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about two million tons, or the equivalent of retiring 400,000 cars!!!

3) It stays fresh in its vacuum pack in the fridge and seems like it never runs out!

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