Original Pattern Brewing Co. 'Haze-a-Tron' Hazy IPA (4-Pack)

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You walk into your local brewery, past the wooden beams, repurposed barrels, and exposed brick (original, the building was an old textile factory). You walk up to the bearded bartender with a suspicious amount of sailor tattoos for someone who shows little evidence of having ever stepped foot on a ship. Without looking at the list, you order the hazy IPA, nevermind that there are several on tap - you're on a mission for that good joos, the haziest boi in all the land. What you're given is Original Pattern's freshest drop, that sweet tropical nectar, all kiwi and papaya, stone fruit and lime. You saunter back to your table (reclaimed wood, of course) and take a satisfied glug. Life is simple. Life is good.

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