2020 Lyrarakis Vidiano

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What wine would Maria Callas drink... if she were on a beach in Crete? This is a question we should all be asking ourselves daily. This Vidiano by Lyrarakis would definitely be a top contender for the spot. Bursting with mineral texture and aromas of stone fruit Lyrarakis made this dry farmed Vidiano in clay loam soil in the heart of Crete. Myriam Ambouzer the daughter of a Palestinian and Cretan is the smart, sure-footed and immensely intuitive winemaker behind Lyrarakis. Her influence, along with a workforce that is just about half women, has inspired Lyrarakis to use Minoan images such as the Snake Goddess on the label. This Vidiano is a link to that Cretan terroir and to the island’s history. To all the Goddesses of Crete past and present!

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