Ökonomierat Rebholz Rosé of Pinot Noir

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Dare to be different much? What if we told you that perhaps the single sexiest and most age-worthy rosé in the shop wasn't from Provence?

Indeed: almost 600 miles north of Bandol you enter the Pfalz region of Germany, where Hansjorg Rebholz presides over a biodynamic estate to rival any the world over. Though the estate's been planted to vine for over 400 years, the real revolution began with Hansjorg's grandfather, a trained scientist who decided to rebel against his peers' ideas about wine. He revolted against the norm of chemically manipulated & artificially sweetened blends, championing his own idea of “natural” wine instead. In the process, he helped lead Rebholz into becoming one of the first German wineries to stop industrial practices and return to traditional organic farming and vinification.. (Everything old is new again!)

But the current generation's hardly riding Gramps' coattails! Hansjorg has a) been president of the appellation for decades, b) has been named Germany's Winemaker of the Year, and c) has won every major award in wine there is. Now certified biodynamic, Rebholz makes clean, unique, purity-driven wines... and there's none that we love more than their rosé, an age-worthy stunner seen on coolio wine lists the world over.

Elegant as heck, with notes of white cherry and apple blossoms flower on the palate, the whole shot through with slatey minerality and a racy brightness. We have the best price in the country on this (it's normally $30, and a deal at *that* price!), and smart players will buy a case: 6 for the summer, and 6 for the cellar!

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