Due Terre Nero d'Avola

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Too often Nero d’Avola from Sicily suffers a concatenation of indignities: over-oaking, over-extracting, and indifferent mass production Due Terre shatters all of those ideas, starting with with their lovingly tended, high-altitude single vineyard of 100% organic Nero. From there they go further, seeking to showcase the delicious vinous quality of the Sicilian wunderkind grape instead of, well, somebody's barrels. The result is a bright, fresh, gulpable red wine that will delight Californian wine drinkers as much as the Italiphiles. Tobacco leaf, red currants, Mediterranean vibes and a crushed stone grip. A freakish vine for the money (try to find an organic with this depth made here!), this is your new fave weeknight pizza/pasta pal, for sure.

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