De Sousa '3A' Champagne

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One recent Sunday, as Omicron slightly released its stranglehold and the sun came out to play, I gathered a few friends to eat oysters by the shore. The beauty of the day notwithstanding, these people are of that species some euphemistically call "hard-to-please" and others just call @$$hole$. (You know: my friends.) But lo and behold: the hard-bitten, we've-seen-it-all wine nerd types were reduced to a splat of feral moans. When the noises subsided, one friend asked, "How much does that cost?" When I told him he said, "I better get a bunch: some to drink, and some just to spread over bread."

It's true: this feels like it should be, well, if not our daily bread, at least a weekly form of sustenance. Called 3A because it's sourced from three Grand Cru Champagne villages beginning with A (Avize, Aÿ, and Ambonnay), it's a perfectly balanced 50/50 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Intensely aromatic and rich in the mouth, this is a wine both to make a day sing with and to silence your friends. Give us this day our weekly 3A.

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