Corison Corazon Cabernet Rose

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Awwwwww yeah! We can't believe our good fortune, but somehow we secured a tiny allocation of one of California's most hard-to-get rosés! Cathy Corison is one of Napa's most legendary winemakers, both as a female pioneer in Napa's androcracy and as a leading pioneer for organic farming in a region not exactly known for it. Her Cabs are found on the best wine lists all the country over, but what you ordinarily can't find *anywhere*? Her rosé, usually for sale only at the winery. A serendipitous byproduct of her flagship Cab Sauvignon (this is the "saignée," or bled-off juice), it's treated seriously: fermented in small French oak barrels to total dryness, and aged in barrel on lees for six months. The result is a pink wine with breadth, weight and gravitas. It has a creamy mouthfeel, and hints of Cab fruit poke up wonderfully through the pink. A treasure, and a perfect rosé for the winter months....

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