Barrel Brothers 'Blonde Voyage' Non-Alcoholic Blonde Ale

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Non-alcoholic beer has long had a reputation for being...completely vile. If you've accidentally grabbed one from the dark depths of a cooler, or had the misfortune of dumping a warm, abandoned case of said swill and suffering from the foul odor it emits, the reputation is well earned. Luckily, Barrel Brothers made a deal with the devil, and the result of that clandestine arrangement is an elixir that guarantees our eternal, alcohol-free refreshment, with *checks notes* 100% of the flavor of a regular beer. 'Blonde Voyage' is as crisp, easy drinking, and clean as any Blonde Ale you'll find, alcohol-free or otherwise. Great for January, but also downright delicious whether you're abstaining or not.

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