2019 Sébastien Brunet 'Arpent' Vouvray (6-Pack)

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6 bottles of 2019 Sébastien Brunet 'Arpent' Vouvray

Say it with me, the way Nabokov would insist we do. Voo-Vray: the bite of the lip twice taking a trip, ensuring a double V formation. Sébastien Brunet's one of Vouvray's only winemakers (a place whose historic status has rendered it hipster-resistant) who's as sought after by traditionalists & natural wine-seekers alike. Why? Because they're thrilling and pure, and never funkfests. Flinty upon opening, this expands and complexifies with every hour it's open (it lasts for days in the fridge, if you're able to make it last!): green apple, salty ginger, struck stone, and unripe stone fruits all. Balanced, focused, precise and exciting, this is a Vouvray with sexiness that lives up to its place name!

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