Carry Me: Stories of Pregnancy Loss by Frieda Hoffman

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After my second miscarriage, I felt alone, ignorant, and overwhelmed with emotions. Finding little literature or support available, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I decided to create the resource I wished I’d had: real stories about pregnancy loss from real women without the off-putting lens of religion or academia so typical of the self-help genre.


Through my own journey and those of nineteen women I interviewed, Carry Me: Stories of Pregnancy Loss explores universal themes of grief, bearing witness, transforming adversity into opportunity, and the paradox of feeling alone while sharing a common experience. The diverse women and narratives unpack the physical, emotional, and financial challenges of loss; notions of womanhood and motherhood; and the intersections of public health, body politics, and patient care. Readers are called to action to share their own stories in order to heal themselves and support others.


Nearly everyone knows someone affected by pregnancy loss, yet most of us are not comfortable, even in the relative safety of the company of friends and sisters, discussing this serious health issue. It’s time to normalize the dialogue and help one another through our losses by sharing our resources, our wisdom, and our stories—by carrying one another.

-Frieda Hoffman

Carry Me is a welcome exploration of the intimate details and sociopolitical complexities of pregnancy loss. These stories will leave you gasping, crying, and even laughing through grief, while also inspiring a sense of candidness and unabashed self-compassion. An important addition to the growing voices of grievers demanding more awareness, better care and open dialogue around miscarriage.
— Jessica Zucker, author of I Had a Miscarriage: A Memoir, a Movement

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