2020 Borgo Savaian 'Aransat'

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Aransat is Friulian slang for "orange-colored," and Friulians -- especially those close to the Slovenian border, as Borgo Savaian is -- have been doing wines in these autumnal hues since before you read about them in your in-flight magazine. A combo of skin contact Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, this is what to serve when you can't decide between a red and a white for dinner (i.e., Thanksgiving). Borgo's is awesomely aromatic, but mild and not particularly tannic on the palate (i.e., this is a wine you'll dig, but that Aunt Erma can handle too) Light and balanced, with notes of hazelnut, dried fruits, and orange pekoe. (Fantastic over days and days in the fridge, too, if you somehow fail to drink this as fast as we tend to!)

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