Angelo Negro Unfiltered Arneis

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One of the undisputed legends of the region is Angelo Negro. The Negro family's been growing Arneis since - wait for it - 1670! Almost exactly 300 years later, they were pioneers all over again, as the very first producer in the region to produce and bottle dry Arneis.

Unlike other old-schoolers, though? They’re not hidebound by tradition! A few years back, they made a natural, unfiltered bottling that’s richer and funkier and - can we just say it? - even funner than the exquisite version they make for the grown-up table.

Gloriously hazy (due to the presence of residual yeast), this wine is the color of straw in heaven. Sourced from three organic vineyards, this non-filtrato version of Negro's classic Arneis has grapefruit aromatics along with hints of yellow peach, pear, and tart apple on the palate. A somm's food pairing dream... but we'll confess that at our house? This has a way of becoming a meal unto itself.

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