2019 Borell-Diehl Pinot Noir

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A fun knowledge nugget: Germany's the 3rd largest Pinot producing country, behind the US and France. Perhaps nnot a *hugely* significant flex, as production in France and the US dwarfs Germany's, of course, but the fact remains that die Deutschen have long been making some of the most compelling Pinots in the game. Borell-Diehl, a family owned estate built in 1619 (!!!), is making textbook Pinot that might just jog you out of your Cali/Burg rut: red fruit forward, with softly rounded edges, a long lingering finish, and mineral inflection that is the hallmark of these muschelkalk (limestone) rich soils. I guess 22 y/o me was in on the secret (and now you can be, too).

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