2018 Irene Chardonnay

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Remember that feeling you had when you were the first one to discover that band? The one you knew was going to be huge? Remember how you half wanted everyone to know about it... and half-wanted no one to ever discover your secret? That’s how we feel about Irene! (It's true: long before his wines started showing up on Michelin-starred wine lists in 2018, we were one of the first stores anywhere to support his wines!)

A young winemaker with a vision, Brian Jessen initially went Sierra Foothills “in search of dirt with a voice”... and he found it, 2700 feet above the sea. But when he got the opportunity to work with an amazing, wind-battered, cool-climate vineyard in the Petaluma Gap part of Sonoma, he didn't blink. The resultant wine is a stone-cold freak, the sort of thing we started to think didn't exist anymore in CA: a laser-focused., almost Chablis-like Chard that can compete dollar for dollar with its French brethren? No wonder we're not the only ones in the Brian Jessen Fan Club any more!

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