2017 Pfeffingen Dry Scheurebe (12-Pack)

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12 bottles of 2017 Pfeffingen Dry Scheurebe

So maybe there's a reason there's a unicorn on this label. First? It's the oft-praised-but-all-too-rarely-caught-in-the-wild Scheurebe grape! Second? It's made by the producer who's often thought to be the grape's single greatest master: Pfeffingen. (Gezundheit!)

Here's the thing, though: this isn't your average Johnny-come-lately attempt to capitalize on the trendy concept of a "unicorn wine" -- in fact, it's exactly the opposite! The winemaking families behind Pfeffingen trace their viticultural heritage back over four centuries... and their coat of arms, unicorn and all, was conferred to them in 1622 by Emperor Ferdinand II!

Pfeffingen's Scheurebe is dry in style but unmistakably rich with aromas of kaffir lime and herbs, followed by bursts of lychee fruit and white peach gummies. Not for tropicophobes, this is a wine that will blow the minds of a) anyone who likes easting spicy Thai food on a midsummer night, b) anyone who thinks there's nothing you can pair with asparagus, c) anyone who loves dry Riesling and also the *scent* of a great Gewurz, d) anyone who's ready, finally, to begin living a little after a long f@#$ing year.

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