2016 Stagard 'Handwerk' Riesling

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When I release my (I assume highly anticipated) memoir, I expect the subtitle to read "One Woman's Lifelong Journey to Drink As Much Riesling As Possible," so I might be a bit biased BUT isn't Riesling just the greatest grape on the planet?? And I can say, with great confidence, that Stagard does this noble variety proud with their Handwerk Riesling, with sustainably farmed grapes from the rocky soils on their estate in Kremstal. The estate is almost Burgundian in its terroir, and those soils coax out tension and complexity that Riesling nerds like me lose their minds over. Lemon curd, quince, and apple are all alive on the palate, while powerfully punchy acidity will wake you up better than even the strongest cup of coffee. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to source more material for that memoir...

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