Les Enfants Sauvages 'Bouche Bée' Mourvèdre

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You've heard the story a thousand times: a pair of Doors-obsessed Germans fall in love with the wildness of southern France discover an abandoned sheep pasture in Fitou and immediately drop what they were doing to become devoted biodynamic wine hippies.

Les Enfants Sauvages (get it? know The Doors’ song “Wild Child?”) make a number of natural-tuned delights, but the one that captivated us the most recently was their “Bouche Bée,” which translates to “speechless” and -- we can attest -- is pure truth in advertising. The kids have here taken the classic southern French grape of Mourvèdre, but styled it not in a deep & Bandolesque way but in a light, fresh, fruity and invigorating fashion instead. It has the barest bit of the barnyard funk in here, in all the best ways, but it doesn't obscure the right red cherry and black raspberry fruit below. Chill this down and settle into a pleasantly aphasic afternoon!

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