Zuccardi 'Concreto' Malbec

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Imagine a world... where they took the gorgeous Malbec fruit from a high-altitude (3600+ feet!) vineyard once called "the best vineyard in the world" by one of the wine magazines... and *didn't* slather it in lots of oak! Am I dreaming? Is this utopia? Sigh. It *is* still 2020, as it turns out, but some dreams are real, and Zuccardi's "Concreto" Malbec is what happens when you take some of the best Malbec anywhere and ferment in concrete (for 8 quiet months) instead of oak. Blackberry and blueberry notes harmonize with a dark mineral component and even some minty and violet notes. No wood means no joke: this is a serious, deep, pure Malbec that's as compelling as any we know for the price.

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