2016 Giuseppe Mascarello 'Toetto' Freisa

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What if Bentley made another car called Fentley, and it cost 1/4 the price, with all the same accoutrements, minus maybe the seat warmers? Sign us up, right? The analogy’s imperfect, but welcome to Freisa: the Fentley to Barolo’s Bentley! The Mascarellos have made some of the best, hardest-to-get wines in Piedmont for, well, forever. But given that their Barolo now runs $175? Time to look past their Barolo, toward what they achieve with Nebbiolo’s parent grape, Freisa. Same world-class winemaking, same terroir, same black-soiled, red-fruited, floral/herbal astonishment -- for 75% less! Get it while you can!

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