Ercole Rosato Barbera

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AIR-KOH-LAY! I think maybe *everything* tastes better if you shout the Italian name for Hercules aloud before drinking, but in this case it's also the name of the wine! Pros know that the greatest spot for Barbera in all the world is the eastern side of Piemonte, in the hills of Monferrato. Not content to bring in some of the greatest reds from this corner of northern Italy, our favorite Piedmontese specialist (he's even called "The Piedmont Guy," for Pied's sake!) has here fashioned a dry-but-juicy rosé as well. Fun to drink all by its lonesome, it's snappy acidity also makes it great with just about everything you can throw at it (we took it down with a mushroom pizza and felt pretty smart about it). And once you've drunk the nectar of the super-sized demigod of summertime sippin’? It's hard to return to the stuff the mortals drink. AIR-KOH-LAY!

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