Bodkin Sauvignon Blanc 'The Victor's Spoils'

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Sometimes you just need a wine....ahem...a win. The Victor’s Spoils lives up to it’s name, it’s the prefect wine to reach for when you are wanting to celebrate the everyday victories of life. Carved out time for a work-out? Made it through another day of home-schooling the kids? Finally folded that mountain of laundry you’ve been putting off? Hurrah! Victory! Winemaker Chris Christensen claims Sauvignon Blanc to be his absolute favorite grape and once said, “I want to make wine that can be enjoyed in the here and now” and we urge you to do just that. This one is bright, zippy, but still shows a nice range of citrus and tree fruits. Treat yourself to a chilled glass of this sunshine in a bottle, you deserve it.

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