2017 Xavier Weisskopf Montlouis Petillant Originel 'Le Rocher des Violettes'

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So if Vouvray’s the Evil Empire (not entirely, we can explain, but work with us here) and Montlouis-sur-Loire is the scrappy band of rebels looking for galactic justice? Jackie Blot is Yoda, Francois Chidaine is Obi-Wan, and Xavier Weisskopf is - you got it - young master Luke. And his light saber comes in sparkling form, naturally! This is 100% Chenin Blanc from 40-year-old vines grown on limestone-zapped soils, and Xavier is one of only five growers making Pétillant Originel – a rare, natural appellation that mandates low yields and zero modern intervention. Bracing, pure, mouthwatering, and Darth-destroying: a wine for our times. May the force be with you.


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